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by Cheryl Miles Bassett, Designer/Owner, A Design Exclusiveby Cheryl Miles Bassett, Designer/Owner, A Design Exclusive

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Color Inspiration . . .

1. Consider how your space makes you feel . . .

The atmosphere of your can make you feel warm and secure or chilled to the bone. Color influences our mood, our behavior, or our attitude.

Bold shades can make us restless and anxious, while cooler tones keep you calm and serene.  Introducing color into a room can be a bold step.          

Take a look around your space. Does it feel good being there? Does if feel cold and uninviting? Or warn and cozy?

Are you afraid of color? Are your walls all white?  Do you have the "usual"?  Brown furniture?  Are your accessories and accent pillows brown as well?  

Start  here with our Color Design Guide to learn more about color.

 2. How to conquer your fears . . .


The colors you wear can be used to decorate your home.  What you're wearing are the colors you'll feel most comfortable living with. 

If you are afraid of using color in your decor, take small steps to incorporate new shades into your decor.  Add bright or bolder shades in matching window treatments, using a colorful rug, and coordinating accessories.

Color affects emotion. It can make you feel cold and uncomfortable, or warm and relaxed.

We are visual beings and we react to what we see. Therefore color can be a great, and inexpensive way to improve your decor.

3. Wake up your life!  

Bring color into your bland rooms. Color or the lack of it has the greatest impact on your life! 

How we use color can make us feel warm and secure, or chilled to the bone. Color influences our mood, our behavior, and our attitude. It can make us feel restless and anxious, or calm and serene. 

Introducing deep, rich tones can be a bold step. Choices can seem more terrifying than living with them.

Just remember paint requires the least investment. It isn't permanent. Repainting is the easiest thing.

4. Color affects emotion . . .

Bright shades excite and encourage movement. Ever noticed fast food restaurants are designed in red, yellow, and orange? This creates urgency, wanting you to eat fast, and move on. Use these colors only in certain areas of your home, or as accents.

Most of us are frightened by deep rich color tones, but used correctly they can be the perfect touch your room needs.

5. Your Color Scheme -

Color is an essential part of your décor.

Learning the basics of color theory will enhance your space, and offer major impact.

It's one of the main ingredients of your room. Study and familiarize yourself to understand your options..

Researching the development of how shades and hues are composed, and how they relate will help you select the right combinations for your space.

Soft hues and neutrals calm your spirit, and causing you to stay longer and relax. Notice how relaxing to see the sky with it's shades of blue.

Use soft and neutral tones to create your "spa" bedroom and bath for your own special retreat. Your cool color scheme can be developed by using related shades on the "Color Wheel".

6. The Color Wheel -

The Color Wheel is the result of many years of scientific analysis. 

All  shades, hues, and tints are derived by their relationships and combinations on this wheel. These are the basic combinations. As shown in the chart, there are many aspects.

Research color theory thoroughly to develop your scheme. Or take advantage of the experts and utilize a favorite scheme from your idea file. Create your own Exclusive Idea & Vision Image Collection,  a file containing all your favorite ideas and options.

Colors are divided in to these categories:

PRIMARY - The three main colors from which all other colors are derived. Red, yellow, and blue.

SECONDARY - These shades result from mixing equal parts of the primary colors. Red and yellow equals orange. Yellow and blue equals green. Red and blue equals violet or purple.

TERTIARY - These hues are thirds, mixing a primary color with its nearest secondary color.

MONOCHROMATIC - which means “one color,” and such a scheme combines tints, shades and different values of a single hue.

This should be a scheme well balanced between cool and warm tones, and also suitable for facing the southeast or north west. Variety is achieved by using various textures. Small quantities of another color or colors can be used as an accent without destroying the monochromatic theme. 

ANALOGOUS OR ADJACENT - an analogous  scheme is one which uses colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. These  are related in their hue: for example rose and burgundy.

COMPLEMENTARY - a complementary  scheme uses two shades exactly opposite each other on the color wheel. One of the basic rules is to use one hue for the major areas in the room...walls or floor covering, etc. Then use the second  for major upholstery pieces. 

Woman Looking

Never fear, step out and use those bold colors you've been dreaming of.

Paint is one of the most inexpensive components of your decor, therefore it's the easiest to change.

So dive in and explore. Just go for it! Start with a small space, if you're really anxious. I guarantee you'll love the results.

Use our Design Guide, and all these tips to enhance your  decor. Or, if you are completely baffled, we will be delighted to create your exclusive space.

 Click here to: Request a  Consultation today to begin your Vision! 

Use our Design Guide, and all these tips to enhance your  decor. Or, if you are completely baffled, we will be delighted to create your exclusive space. Click here to:

 Request a  Consultation today to begin your Vision! 

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