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Hi! I'm Cheryl, I create exclusive spaces for your home or small business in the DFW area or anywhere through Online Design Services.  

Through my over twenty years of experience our clientele have the exclusive decor of your dreams.   

 Request a Consultation today to begin your Vision!   

Cheryl Miles Bassett, Principal Designer/OwnerCheryl Miles Bassett, Principal Designer/Owner

Cheryl Miles Bassett, Principal Designer/Owner

"Any space where you live or work, should make you happy and content.  Be delighted about your space, and enjoy it for many years to come!"

What would like to see in your space?

How do you use your space?

  • Create your own personal Vision Image Collection.  Combine pictures of rooms and pieces, and ideas that appeal to you.  
  • Select images from magazines, Pinterest,  Houzz, or any other online design sites of rooms and furnishings you love, or would like to purchase for your space.

Building your Collection:

Search magazine photos, online collections, and design ideas for your likes and dislikes. It's always good to be aware of your dislikes in the event you will need to share with your designer or family.

Separate and combine your items according to preferences:

  1. Room/Space 
  2. Style
  4. Dislikes

These combinations will lead to your vision.

  • Set up specific folders on your computer for each space or a special printed file if you prefer, to organize and store your options. 
  • Divide these separate folders for each space or room. Keep in mind open concept areas that should be complimentary in design style and color scheme.
  • Prepare a single file for these spaces. Include all images or pictures you've collected. 
  • Analyze your images and compare what you like about each, and determine the similarities. These are major clues to you design style as well as your desired color schemes.  
  • Include paint samples of these possible color schemes or fabrics as your progress toward your desired vision. 
  •  These selections will lead you to your own Exclusive Design Vision. 

Use our Design Guide, and all these tips to enhance your  decor'. Or, if you are completely baffled, we will be delighted to create your exclusive space. Click here to:

 Request a  Consultation today to begin your Vision! 

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