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by Cheryl Miles Bassett, Designer/Ownerby Cheryl Miles Bassett, Designer/Owner

Hi! I'm Cheryl, I create exclusive spaces for your home or small business in the DFW area or anywhere through Online Design Services With over twenty years of experience we provide the unique decor of your dreams.  

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Upholstered furniture is a major component in our décor. All spaces require comfortable and useful seating options.

When selecting a sofa, chair, or any upholstered piece, comfort and construction are essential.

Always try out piece  when of furniture you are considering before purchase. Our bodies are all built differently, and require certain frames and styles to fit our body type for ultimate comfort.

Check out the details . . .


Selecting Your Upholstery . . .


Check out the all components for optimal usability:

  • Size
  • Dimensions: Seat Height & Depth, Back Height, Arm.
  • Cushion components
  • Fabric Durability

Consider these options in your selection: 


Construction is Key . . .

Upholstery Construction
  • Sit, lean back, or lie down. Check it out. Is it comfortable?  Do your feet touch the floor? Is the seat deep enough? Whether you prefer a taller back or a shorter seat, softer or firmer  cushion options, you can decide.
  • Compare dimensions, height, or depth of the seat, back cushions, as well as arm height. Comfort rules here, just as with your mattress. If all these work for you, it’s a good option.
  • Price can also determine components such as solid wood, or compressed fiberboard, and definitely making a difference in stability and long term use.


Fabric & Durability . . .

Contemporary Living Rooms
  • Fabric durability is key to long term use, especially for constant use. Furnishings for a family room that's used nightly need sturdier fabrics or leather.
  • Heavy woven fabrics wear extremely well.  Some manufacturers offer chemical fabric protection, which may or may not be reliable.
  • Save the more delicate fabrics, tapestries, etc., for your Formal Living Area, Home Office, or Master Bedroom Suite. 


Quality & Pricing . . .

Traditional Living Room
  • Price usually determines quality as well. If you want your sofa to last for a long period of time, invest in a well made piece with 8-way hand tied coil springs, and a solid wood frame.
  • On the other hand, for a few years use, a lesser quality of wood components, and less supportive zig zag springs is sufficient. Don't be convinced to accept less, but do your research to get what you really need.


Upholstery Style . . .

  • Consider styles to complement your decor. That overstuffed piece may be ultra comfy, but not the most stylish. 
  • However, there are other options that are just as comfortable. Just do your homework to make your determination.
  • Keep in mind that a sofa full of pillows is usually has a  deeper seat allowance. These are beautiful at first glance, but our natural inclination when sitting, is to toss all those pillows out of our way. 
  • However, if you do, you're sitting on a twin size bed with a back that's miles away.  This a great option for a decorative look, or a great piece for those who like to curl up instead, it's perfect! 

Use our Design Guide, and all these tips to enhance your  decor. 

Or, if you are completely baffled, we will be delighted to create your exclusive space.

 Click here to: Request a  Consultation today to begin your Vision! 

Use our Design Guide, and all these tips to enhance your  decor'. Or, if you are completely baffled, we will be delighted to create your exclusive space. Click here to:

 Request a  Consultation today to begin your Vision! 

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