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"Any space where your live or work, should make your happy & content.

Be delighted with your space, and enjoy it for many years to come!"

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Cheryl Miles Bassett,
Owner, Principal, Interior DesignCheryl Miles Bassett, Owner, Principal, Interior Design

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Elegant Living RoomElegant Living Room

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Just imagine . . .  a space designed just for you, a space to do your favorite things.

A space to unwind and escape to you own world, far away from life's fast pace. 

A Design Exclusive can bring that space to life!

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What our Clients are saying!

"This company is awesome!  They've done several rooms in my home, plus my holiday decor. You have got to check them out.   They do residences and business."                                          Elaine - Fort Worth

I  love your website. You can lay hands                            on my house any time."                              Minnie   -   Fort Worth 

"We are very satisfied with all the work that was done.  Everyone that comes to the house loves it." 
Mary  -   Fort Worth

   "Searched for A Design Exclusive  for          two years.  No one else could create                        the design for my home!"                    Vicki   -  Desoto TX 

"Cheryl is a fabulous designer!!  Extremely thorough, can work with any budget.  Creative & honest. Highly recommended"
Liz, Southlake

Creating Rooms that Inspire & Motivate by providing an Attractive,
Productive, or Serene Environment



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