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Our Design Guide will take you through the basics of design, and assists in developing a strategy of your own. 

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Open and spacious traditonal entry with warm color tones.

Your foyer is the first space your guests see. This area should compliment and enhance the rooms nearby. How should they feel as they enter? 

Whether it's a grand space or just a simple console floating near the door, the entry or foyer creates the first impression of you and your home. Use this Foyer Design Guide to develop your entry. This space should welcome guests, and provide a small preview of what's beyond.

Follow these steps in Creating your Exclusive foyer . . .


Your Foyer Design Plan

Cozy entryway.
  • Just off your entry, this space may limited. But it must accommodate high traffic.
  • Allowing space for entry and exit is your first objective. What remains determines the furnishings that can be used.
  • However, this is the first space seen upon entering into your home. A good first impression is essential.
  • A well decorated foyer provides a preview of your home's decor.


Your Foyer Color Scheme . . .

  • Color and style should coordinate with all adjoining areas. Extending your color scheme into the foyer and all open areas will compliment your decor.
  • When your entry walls extend into other spaces, consider painting all walls the same shade. This option relates the decor in adjoining spaces, and makes the area appear larger. All the surfaces will blend together.
  • Even upwards on the staircase, to the landings, and upper hallways for unification.

Contemporary Foyer


Foyer Furnishings . . .

Casually elegant bombe chest with accessories.
  • An elegant chest is a sure winner in your traditional foyer, providing storage as well as style. Great for extra table linens, or dining accessories. 
  • This single furniture grounds the foyer while utilizing a minimum amount of space. If the space allows, a small chest or console are the norm. 
  • Finishes are determined by the style and color scheme of adjoining rooms. Or think outside the box, and consider a floor mirror or bench.


Foyer Lighting  . . .

  • Consider accent lighting.  An elegant table or floor lamp will provide good illumination.
  • Wall sconces can compliment a mirror or artwork while maximizing space.
  • An exquisite hanging chandelier or pendant fixture can be added to if space and ceiling height permits.
Rustic entry with dramatic tile pattern, and rustic wall sconce.


Foyer Flooring . . .

Traditional Foyer.

  • Consider distinctive floor coverings.  Hard surfaces work well in high traffic areas. 
  • A dramatic tile design, or elegant wood flooring, complimented by a beautiful rug.
  • Flooring in the foyer is usually a hard surface for maximum durability and safety. Always secure area rugs with the appropriate rug pad.


Foyer Florals & Greenery . . .

  • Floral arrangements and greenery adds warmth and texture.  Be sure your greenery is in scale - complimentary to the size of your furniture or foyer.
  • If your foyer is over sized or a two-story space, a large plant or tree will provide variation of surfaces.
Casual EntryCasual Entry
Foyer MirrorFoyer Mirror

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