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Contemporary Living Room & LibraryContemporary Living Room & Library

Our Design Guide will take you through the basics of design, and assists in developing a strategy of your own. 

We provide a wealth of info, and tons of bedroom design ideas to assist in your own decorating projects, and lead you to the resources available for all aspects of your project.

Use our guide to explore design principles, create color schemes, and compare styles.  Then search through our wide array of links and resources for home furnishings, decorative accessories and home services to complete your vision. 

by Cheryl Miles Bassett, Designer/Ownerby Cheryl Miles Bassett, Designer/Owner

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Contemporary style components

Contemporary Style is a truly modern style developed during the age of minimalism and technology, ushered in by the machine age.

This style has extreme lines and natural woods, combined with shiny metals such as chrome or brass, and  usually a monochromatic color scheme.  Varying shades of the same color.


Smooth, Clean lines . . .

  • Contemporary design style was developed during the age of minimalism and technology, ushered in by the machine age. This is combined with straight, clean lines, natural wood tones, or shiny accents.


Functional Streamlined Furnishings


Natural Woods . . .

  • Natural wood tones with clean lines comprise Contemporary styles.


Metal & Glass Elements . . .

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Design Basics

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Kids Design GuideKids Design Guide

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