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Traditional Great RoomTraditional Great Room
by Cheryl Miles Bassett, Designer/Ownerby Cheryl Miles Bassett, Designer/Owner

"Any space where you live or work, should make you happy and content.  Be delighted about your space, and enjoy it for many years to come!"

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  Components of Traditional Style . . .

This style is composed of historic elements, mostly of the 16th through the 19th centuries. Most periods of history developed its own specific style, mostly depending on it's craftsmanship or technology.

Using more ornate, curved lines, it's architecture consists of ornate moldings, and heavily craved trim in it's furnishings, as well as in the ornamentation. 

1. Historical Components . . .

Most of these elements are taken for historical European or Asian styles. Curved lines, deep wood tones, as well as gilded accents on fabrics and furniture.

2. Historical & Curvilinear Lines . . .

Consisting of curved lines or shapes, sometimes combined with other curves forming ornate pattern and images. Often taken from nature, floral or trees.

These patterns are usually of a historical origin and significance.

3. Ornate Lines & Furnishings . . .

Characteristics of Traditional style are usually ornate and elaborate. Note the heavy drapery used to compliment the ornament.

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