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Cheryl Miles Bassett, Designer/Owner, A Design ExclusiveCheryl Miles Bassett, Designer/Owner, A Design Exclusive

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Rooms to Stimulate and Entertain . . .

Fun! Fun! Fun!Fun! Fun! Fun!

 Kid's rooms serve many needs . . .

 Sleeping, studying, and playtime. 

Children's rooms are special spaces. In their rooms we have the opportunity to encourage growth and development, and enhance perception.

Let this space be an enjoyable space. Involve your child in the design.

Interactive themes and bright colors stimulate learning and creativity. 

In their rooms we have the opportunity to encourage growth, development, and enhance perception. Use color, images, and books to inspire your child.

Steps to your child's functional area  . . .

1. A Child's Floor Plan -

The layout of your child's room should allow for many activities, depending on their age and development.

During the younger years, space should be allowed for childcare. When later on spaces are needed for study, and advanced activities.

2. Kids color schemes -

Color schemes in your child's decor should be bright and cheerful.

Bright colors stimulates brain development, as well as early learning skills.

3. Furnishings -

More than just beds for sleeping, children's furniture collections provide many useful options.

Computer desks and hutch units are perfect for homework, and are scaled to last through their formative years. 

Also available are convertible cribs that reassemble to toddler and full size beds. Therefore you can invest in coordinating long term pieces: dresser, chest, door chests, and computer desks without the need to replace them when your child is older. Numerous finishes are available as well.

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