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"Bring Some Color into Your Life"

  • Does your home feel cold and uninviting, or warm and cozy? 
  • Is your home décor the usual?  White or beige walls, with your furnishings all in varying shades of brown?  Are the accent pillows brown as well? 
  • Wake Up!  It’s time to reinvent your life, and brighten those dull spaces!

Bringing color into your bland space, and change your outlook . . .

Take a look around your space.  Does it feel good being there?  Are your walls all white? Don’t be afraid of color.  Color or the lack of it has the greatest impact on our lives, and our living space.  It can make us feel warm and secure, or chilled to the bone.

Introducing color into a room can be a bold step . . .

It terrifies most of us. Choosing color seems more daunting than living with it. Paint  requires the least amount of investment. It need not be permanent. Repainting is the easiest thing. 

Color affects emotion. It can make you feel cold, uncomfortable, restless,  anxious, or calm, serene, warm, and relaxed.  It can influence our mood, behavior, and attitude. 

We are visual beings and we react to what we see. Therefore color can be a great and inexpensive way to improve your decor. . . 

Color affects emotion . . .

Choosing color seems more terrifying than living with it.  If it's a paint color, remember this requires the least amount of investment. And it need not be permanent.

Repainting is the easiest thing. Incorporating color into your home can be done very easily. Follow these guideline when working with color. 

"New Colors for 2020"

The new colors for spring are rich and vibrant. Fashion color always translate into design. The colors you wear can be used to decorate your home. The colors you like are the colors you feel comfortable living with.  If you are afraid of using color in your decor, take small steps to incorporate these new shades into your decor. 

One option is to add colorful accents into a neutral space or start with a guest bath or small room. Add bright colorful art, and accessories into a white room with white furnishings. Let us transform your space today!

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