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How to Design Your Room . . .

  • Do you Love Decorating?
  • Love fabrics, color, furnishings?                          
  • Not sure where to start? 
  • Would you like to create your own decor?   
  • Or know what to do before you hire an interior designer? 
  • Need a guide?        I'm here to help!

Our Design & Decorating Guide will lead you through the basics, and assist in developing a strategy of your own. We provide a wealth of info, and tons of ideas to assist in your own decorating projects, and lead you to the resources available for all aspects of your project.

Use our guide to develop your own strategy, develop color schemes, and compare styles.  Search through our wide array of links and resources for home furnishings, decorative accessories and home services to complete your vision. 

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Let these basic Design elements lead you to the starting point for your space.

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E-Book:  5 Steps to Visualize your Dream Space

  • Find Your Design Style! 
  • You'll be happiest with you love! 
  • Explore  the options to find your dream!

Exploring your Design Style is a major step to achieve the decor of your dream s-Choose what appeals to you.   Whether it's a new trend or an old favorite, you'll be happiest with what you love.


6 Steps to Choosing your Color Scheme

  • How to Conquer your Fear of Color!
  • Color Theory & Your Color Scheme
  • The Color Wheel 

How to conquer your fears . . .    If you are afraid of using color in your decor, take small steps to incorporate new shades into your decor. Add bright or bolder shades in matching window treatments, using a colorful rug, and coordinating accessories.

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E-Book: Choosing your Upholstery -

  • Selecting Your Upholstery
  • Comfort & Construction
  • Fabric & Durability 

Upholstered furniture is a major component in our décor.  All spaces require comfortable and useful seating options. Download your copy today! Handy Reference Guide! Options to keep in mind during your shopping experience!

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Interior Designer at work.Interior Designers work with in all aspects to develop a complete design plan.

E-Book: Benefits of an Interior Designer

  • A Designer can be a valuable asset!
  • Check out the benefits of an Interior Designer
  • Consider your options before developing your home or work space.

An interior designer can be a valuable asset in  decorating your home by offering an attractive living environment.

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Upholstery Selection Guide

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6 Guidelines for Your Own Unique Foyer

  • Create your foyer to welcome guests 
  • Preview to your Design Plan
  • Foyer components
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Is Your Living Room Inviting?

  • Does your living room reflect your personality & lifestyle?
  • Your living room is one of the most important rooms in your home.
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6 Steps to Create your Dining Room Experience

  • Create your ultimate dining space. 
  • Your dining room should compliment adjoining spaces.
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Steps to Your Perfect Kitchen!

  • Consider how you use your kitchen  
  • Galley, closed, or open concept?
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5 Steps to achieve your special retreat

  • Creating Your Own Private Haven 
  • Include all your favorite things  
  • Your Bedroom Color Scheme
Coming Soon!

Steps to Achieve your Home Office Decor . . .

  • Creating your home office 
  • Your Home Office Plan 
Coming Soon!

Steps to your child's fun area!

  •  Kid's rooms must serve many needs . . .
  • From stimulation and play to quiet times, study & sleep.
  • Get you child's input to help make it their own.
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Cheryl Miles Bassett, Designer/OwnerCheryl Miles Bassett, Designer/Owner

Hi! I'm Cheryl, I create exclusive spaces for your home or small business in the DFW area or anywhere through Online Design Services.  

With over twenty years of experience we provide the unique decor of your dreams.  

"All your spaces should make you happy and content.  Be delighted, and enjoy them for many years to come!"

Request a Consultation today to begin your Vision!  

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Use our Design Guide, and all these tips to enhance your  decor'. Or, if you are completely baffled, we will be delighted to create your exclusive space. Click here to:

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