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Hi! I'm Cheryl, I create exclusive spaces for your home or small business in the DFW area or anywhere through Online Design Services.  With over twenty years of experience we provide the unique decor of your dreams. 

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"Any space where you live or work, should make you happy and content.  Be delighted about your space, and enjoy it for many years to come!"

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   1. Designer Benefits -

  • An interior designer can be a valuable asset in  decorating your home by offering an attractive living environment.
  • Explore the benefits of an interior designer before developing a home or work space.
  • We can provide a complete design plan including space planning, the selection of suitable materials and fabrics, as well as color selection and coordination. 

   2. What Designers offer -

  • A degreed, professional interior designer can help make your living or work space more functional to your lifestyle, and help you avoid expensive mistakes.  
  • Our training gives insight into your vision, and exploration of various options. Plus we offer a wide variety of materials, and furnishings.
  • We are interested in providing a master plan which reflects your  own personal taste, and are sensitive to budget restraints. 
  • We have access to fabrics and furnishings available only to professionals, and can call upon skilled contractors with whom we work regularly.

   3. Select the designer that works for you -

Interior Design services can be available in different budget levels. Most designers will work with you and can plan your project in stages.

Be sure to interview several designers to determine the style and personality that fits you. Each designer has their own unique specialty. Consider what will work for you. 

The mark of a true designer is a dedication to giving you the decor you love. His or her tastes, or what's "in" is not the main consideration. Don't settle for less.

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Not Sure About Your Space?

Not sure what to do! I'm here to help. Ask Cheryl . . .

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