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Creating Your Own Private Haven -  

     1. Make it a Bedroom just for you . . .

Your bedroom should be a special place -

This should be the most relaxing room in your home.

A great place to unwind after a hectic day -

Follow our bedroom design guide for your retreat. 

2. include your favorite things . . .

Incorporate your favorite things, everything special to you. This you own private sanctuary, your exclusive place.

Start with your favorite color and style of furnishings. Make it your own special space.  Include items that say comfort and relaxation.  This is your place to exhale.

3. Your Bedroom plan . . .

Consider all options before placing your bed. It will be the focal point since it's the largest furniture piece.

It can make a major statement in the room, especially with a dramatic headboard and exquisite bedding.

Allowance for additional furniture pieces as space allows for clothing and other storage. Don't forget there's always the closet.

Adequate organization will maximize the use of your space.

4. Your Bedroom assets . . .

Cozy bedroomCozy bedroom with sitting area.

What would you like to do in your bedroom? Do you like to watch television in bed, or is it banished to other parts of your home.

Would you like a cozy nook to read or perhaps knit? 

Consider the view, angle of the television , adequate lighting for certain activities, reading, etc.

Is there enough space for seating? A pair of comfy chairs or a chaise would be perfect. If space permits maybe grouping that includes a small sofa or settee. 

A fireplace in the sitting area creates a cozy space, especially in fall and winter. Select beautiful furnishings, comfortable seating, and a very good mattress.  A tv or not, it's your personal preference.

5. Use cool colors . . .

Bold walls are tempered by cool furnishings and bedding.Bold walls are tempered by cool furnishings and bedding.

Using calm, soothing color tones contribute to a more restful space.

Cool colors are known to create a peaceful environment for rest and relaxation.

Bright shades stimulate excitement and movement, which may disturb your sleep.  

Explore color theory and schemes to determine how different shades and hues affect you.

Cool grey bedroom,Cool grey tones create this soothing bedroom space.

Use our Design Guide, and all these tips to enhance your  decor. Or, if you are completely baffled, we will be delighted to create your exclusive space. Click here to:

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Use our Design Guide, and all these tips to enhance your  decor. 

Or, if you are completely baffled, we will be delighted to create your exclusive space.

 Click here to: Request a  Consultation today to begin your Vision! 



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